Combined experience, talent and vision culminate into eco-logical living spaces.

DIG’s founders and principal partners, Hannah Wear and Kevin Parkhurst, worked closely with Eric Lloyd Wright (grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright and son of Lloyd Wright) as Chief Associates in his architectural studio in Malibu. While with Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates, they worked toward the evolution of the principles and aesthetics of Organic Architecture with the influence of the insights and concepts of ecological design and our contemporary understanding of social and environmental issues.  Their combined talents and synergies resulted in over twenty years of amazing work together, with design projects ranging from Yokohama to Finland, Belize and the Los Angeles area, including restoration work on Frank Lloyd Wright (such as the Tonkens House) and Lloyd Wright (such as the Taggart House) buildings. Eventually they formed Wright-Parkhurst-Wear, a firm accomplished in textile block restoration and other challenging restoration specialties which includes. Today Wright-Parkhurst-Wear honors the legacy of Eric Wright’s own life and work through continued consultation for these sensitive projects, including restoration work on Tonkens, Storer and Eagle Feather FLW Residences and new work such as Wayfarers Chapel and Millard Studio.

Kevin was founding Executive Director and Hannah the Program Coordinator of Wright Way Organic Resource Center, a not-for-profit project providing social and environmental education programs based in a rustic 24-acre site in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu, California (known as Wright Ranch). 


Individually, Hannah and Kevin were already on a mission to create a greener world when they met at the University of Oregon in 1994. Hannah, with her upbringing under the roof of Organic Architecture W. Earl Wear, was pursuing a Masters in Architecture. Kevin, the boy who had dreamed of being a solar architect since nine years old, was pursuing a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in Planning. That year the US Green Building Council was formed and their fellow students were eager for greener information about the built environment. They co-founded HOPES (Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability) and the annual Eco Design Arts Conference , promoting ecological design and environmental responsibility in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, planning and the arts. HOPES is still strong 25 years later. By 1997 Kevin had written and established a comprehensive environmental policy for the The University of Oregon, identifying key areas for environmental stewardship . Hannah collaborated with faculty on a comprehensive seismic review of PDX and taught Environmental Control Systems, Building Technology and Shop as Graduate Teaching Fellow.  

Hannah and Kevin continue the legacy of Organic Architecture through their work to realize the harmonious interweaving of nature and human habitation.  Together their combined experience, talent & vision culminate in beautiful, ecological living spaces and showcase a range of innovative & environmentally responsible projects using sustainable & diverse materials, regenerative technology & energy solutions and non-invasive site responsive planning. 

Come visit our Studio in the historic Old Topanga Courtyard in the heart of Topanga Canyon, home to Design Integration Group. 

Kevin and Hannah live in Topanga along with their daughter, Pearl.

DIG Leadership Team

We invite you to visit us in Topanga Canyon!

Hannah Wear

Hannah Wear

Studio Director & Ecologist

Hannah is Studio Director for Design Integration Group and is a Lead Designer and Project Manager for multiple projects. As the daughter of an organic architect and personal friends with the Wright family since her early childhood, Hannah has a deeply rooted and intrinsic understanding of the language and values of Organic Architecture. In her work, she is particularly interested in assessing the needs and parameters of clients through integrating innovative solutions that are thoughtful and effective, while striving to create beautiful and rewarding spaces.

Hannah is a systems expert with a broad understanding of contemporary and alternative mechanical systems. She is deeply concerned about the environmental quality of the materials we use in buildings and has extensive knowledge on environmentally responsible building products. She is a specialist in passive and active solar design and has hands on experience working with solar electric and wind power generation systems. She is very interested in the relationships between form and siting to create buildings that are intrinsically efficient and environmentally responsive.

Kevin Parkhurst

Leed AP – Design Coordinator

Kevin is Founder and President of Design Integration Group, an ecological design, environmental planning and green construction firm. He is the Lead Designer and Project Manager, which includes coordinating the design process for multiple projects within the Studio. He is passionate about master planning for projects, incorporating the principles of Organic Architecture in responding to client needs, aspects of the particular site, and integration of the building with the natural environment.

Kevin has an extensive background in group decision making processes, environmental planning and policy development and ecological design. He integrates infrastructure and mechanical systems into the design concept which enhance and harmonize with the design. Kevin is a licensed contractor and has hands-on experience with solar electric and wind power generation systems, working toward minimizing environmental impacts in construction and post construction occupancy